onsdag 23 januari 2013

WOYWW #190

Well, this is what my desk looks like right now, but the pictures were taken last night. I had just finished my card for this week's Pysseldags slot (check the post below this one) and everything from tape to glue to flower stems are just where I've flung them mid creation. Heh... Anyone else do that?

I also included a picture of the three orchids that live in the window by my desk. The pink one is crazy! It's so bushy it's scary... Soon, it won't fit in the window but will have to sit in the middle of my desk... Then how will I get any crafting done?

Oops, seem to have caught myself om camera as well...

No, hop on over to Julia's for a sneek peak at all the other desks out there! And why don't you post a picture of your own desk and join in the fun? We're always looking for more friends!