onsdag 1 augusti 2012

WOYWW #165

I've moved! On Saturday, 6 people (myself, my parents and three brave friends) made an Olympic effort and moved all my belongings from one apartment to another. My new apartment is on the third floor with no elevator. A total of 44 steps with every single thing I own... And I do own lots of things!

So today, there will be no picture of my desk, as I don't have one yet. I have unpacked 2 out of 6 boxed labelled "scrap", but for some reason focus has been on unpacking kitchen stuff and assembling furniture. As always, Julia's place is full of inspiring desks and things. Hop on over and check them out!

I'll leave you with a picture of a card I've sent to one of my friends to give them my new address.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Wednesday!