torsdag 30 maj 2013

Mother's Day

This past Sunday was Mother's Day in Sweden. I'd decided to make a special card for my mom this year, inspired by all the super cute Some Odd Girl images! With the great variety of images, I thought I could find three that would represent myself and my two sisters, color them and then put them on a card. This was a daunting challenge, I wanted to get my sisters just right, so that it would be obvious which was which.

The first image I colored was my youngest sister, who is a designer and very artistic. She has a specific style and wears black a lot. I used my Ice Grey markers in lots of layers and managed to come pretty close to what I'd had in mind. To get the paint splashes on her without ruining my colored image, I used toothpicks and acrylic paints (see the finished card).

The second image is my other sister, who is a happy, colorful person, always full of energy and eager to do things outdoors. I colored her and her kite in clear, vibrant colors. coloring red is another one of those things I avoid, since the red markers tend to bleed more than the rest.

And here's my finished card. The third image, which is supposed to represent me, is where I just decided to screw it and go back to my comfort zone. So, she has pink hair (I don't) and a bunch of flowers in her hand. =)

The card itself is very simple, I cut out a heart and taped it to my base card, then used a sponge and Distress Ink Milled Lavender to get the soft heart shape. I also used my favorite hexagon stamp from Gummiapan to add some more structure and life to the background.